Faculty Testimonials

The events and experiential marketing industry is currently witnessing an unprecedented growth pattern and we are really in need of quality trained resources to take this growth story further.

EMDI has been at the forefront of this movement and has been constantly working towards setting of new standards in the field of event management education. I would like to wish them the very best in their endeavors and hope that they achieve and exceed in all the objectives they have set for themselves.

Ankur Kalra, Secretary EEMA | CEO & MD (Vibgyor Brand Services)

It was a pleasure to interact with your very talented students during the workshop for Event Technicals, Stage Lighting and Stage Craft, held at EMDI Delhi. The practical session was held at our corporate office and the students took keen interest in understanding the details of each and every aspect of the subject.

R.K. Dhingra, Director (Modern Stage Service)

I have been working in the events industry for over seven years, and it has come to my notice that a lot of event managers do not really understand the technology aspect of the event. In fact, very few event managers take the initiative and interest to understand technology and how their clients could benefit from it.

I am very thankful to EMDI for giving me this opportunity to connect with potential event managers and to explain them the importance of technology, lighting and sound in the events industry.

Sahil Wadhwa, Director (1NEUP Productions)

Before I came to work as “Guest Faculty” in EMDI, I worked as an event management expert with various top event management companies of India. Teaching at EMDI made me feel like I was truly making a difference in the world of event management by sharing my knowledge and experience with students. The teaching experience at EMDI is very different from other institutes and oganizations. I believe that this is because each student here aspires to make a bright future in event management industry and has a love for the sector. Keep up the great work.

Suresh Kharia, Founder-Director (Skywards Management)

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